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Recent Newsletter

Happy 2022!

We cannot thank our generous donors enough. Your continued partnership through one-time donations and purchases on warm our hearts and allow us to continue to make an impact as Ellison would have wanted. 


Our commitment to furthering her legacy and dream by helping African Elephant conservation efforts is still at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Over the last 12 months, the Ellison Legacy Foundation has donated $17,500 to African Elephant conservation efforts. Part of that was the one-year adoption of Khanyisa at HERD. The donation goes towards the costs of medicine, cleaning, maintenance of the Jabulani stables and towards a portion of food costs.


Khanyisa (pictured below) is an orphaned albino elephant who survived a horrific snaring incident. She inspired the world with her will to live and courageous spirit and now, fully rehabilitated, she is spending her time with her new family, the Jabulani herd.






As we look into the new year we would like to increase our efforts to inspire others and help elephants. We hope you will join us again on this journey in the coming year. If you have not checked out our online store recently we have continued to add new items.

With your donation, we are able to help save elephants in Ellison's name while telling her story. This story has a huge emphasis on finding your purpose in life. Making your mark in this world and leaving it a better place for the next generation.


“Make your Mark”

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